Produced by: Jay Sparrow 

Cinematography & Edit by: Christina Lenna

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

This song is about not succumbing to the artificial trappings that can be placed on us here in life. We can go our own way freely. We are truly in control. This knowledge was given to me by my family, a group of people who often forged their own path. My last remaining grandparent Ken Foreman is one of those people. He is in the great fight at the moment and so I send this out to him. He is about as badass as they come. Thanks for making my Mah sir. Wherever you’re headed, they best step out of your way.– Jay Sparrow

“BOUND BY NOTHING” is from the current ALBUM “BLUEBIRD”.


June 20th, 2015 – The Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival – Beaumont, AB

June 25th, 2015 – Dauphin Countryfest (MTS Stage) – Dauphin, MB 

June 26th, 2015 – Dauphin Countryfest (MTS Stage) – Dauphin, MB 




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