• Distribution – Retail Distribution, marketing and promotion of your CD to retail
    Monthly Updates & Press Releases Artist updates and tour schedules to retail, community music sites, booking agents, trade publications, radio & CMT, newspaper & TV, venues, fairs, jamborees, etc.

– Internet Distribution of your CD via internet web site orders on several website accounts as well as our own

– Digital Downloads Sell, market, promote and distribute your entire CD or individual tracks via paid downloads through various web sites, DJ services, jukeboxes and anywhere music is played Record label

  • Licensing, manufacturing, rights administration, marketing, publicity,promotion and sales
  • Third Party Licensing
  • Promote and market individual music tracks for use on compilations, gaming platforms, cell phones, and music subscription services.
  • Promotion and marketing with regard to licensing your music to third parties, collecting and disbursing money from same
  • Rights Administration – AVLA Registering your music with Audio Video Licensing Association (AVLA), administering, collecting and disbursing money from licensing.
  • Rights Administration – NRCC Registering your music with Neighbouring Rights Collective Canada (NRCC), administering, collecting and disbursing money from label portion of Neighbouring Rights
  • Rights Administration – CPCC Registering your music with Canadian Private Copying Collective(CPCC), administering, collecting and disbursing money from label portion of Neighbouring Rights
  • Radio Station Mailing Mailing your CD to appropriate Canadian radio stations, BDS, National Library, trade papers, etc
  • Radio Promotion Provide in-house or third party promotion and tracking of your single to appropriate radio stations
  • Advertising Industry Focus Market your music directly to advertising agencies, television, and film.
  • CD Graphics Design and layout of CD graphics, ensuring all pertinent information is included, and ensuring all specs are correct for printing of booklet and tray card, and label film
  • CD Manufacture Handling the complete manufacture of your CD
  • FACTOR Application Assistance in completing the various FACTOR or other funding applications
  • Production Consultation

Through our association with top Canadian producers:

– we can provide consultation and advice to help artists/labels find the right producer for their project

– we can provide input and direction as to proper market focus

  • Music Publishing

– Individual song publishing

– Administration/representation of third party domestic and foreign song publishing catalogues

  • Music Video Marketing, Promotion, and Distribution – distribution and marketing of music videos to cable subscription services,DVD packages to retail, digital downloads and video on demand
  • On-line Viral Marketing and Promotion – marketing and promotion on over 35 community websites


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