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Edmonton, AB – March 18th, 2015

Royalty Records Inc. and Royalty Music Publishing Inc. are excited to announce a new partnership with Diversus Media Group to expand into the Chinese and Asia Pacific markets. With 500 million new mobile devices coming on stream over the next few years, Royalty is thrilled to open this market up to our artists and songwriters and equally excited to open up the Canadian market to our Chinese counterparts.

“As the global music industry expands and the market to new music fans expands, Royalty Records Inc. and Royalty Music Publishing Inc. is excited to announce our partnership with Diversus Media Group. I have always believed in Canadian music and specifically “Prairie” music and the sound that has come from Royalty’s artists. To be at the forefront of the huge emerging Chinese and Asia Pacific market both in music licensing and performing and publishing, Royalty is thrilled to be able to bring these two music cultures together. I cannot wait to hear the first writing collaboration between one of Royalty’s writers and Chinese writers and hear the fusion of music and culture, along with having the opportunity to take our artists to perform in these new territories and bring Chinese artists to Canada.”
– Rob Smith – President/CEO – Royalty Records Inc./Royalty Music Publishing

“Diversus Media Group is pleased to partner with Royalty Records in promoting Canadian artists and songwriters to the China and Asia Market. We see also a tremendous potential for Chinese and Asian artists to perform and to create in Alberta. These two way business opportunities will certainly help to build on our respective music and cultural industries.”
– Dick B. Wong – President & CEO – Diversus Media Group Ltd.


Royalty Records has grown to become a full-service, nationally recognized record label and distributor for both Canadian and international recording artists and labels over the last 40 years, making Royalty the oldest country label and 2nd oldest independent record label in Canada.

Recently Royalty signed a distributor deal with Sony Music Canada to allow the label to branch out in other areas of the music industry and focus on the growth of its Publishing entity.

Since its creation, the Edmonton based label has focused mainly on country music, and now represents recordings by such current Canadian artists as Hey Romeo, Tristan Horncastle, Amy Metcalfe, The Orchard, George Fox, Chris Cummings, The Boom Chucka Boys, Jay Sparrow, Robyn & Ryleigh and Blake Reid.

The Royalty Records catalogue also includes a variety of other genres of music; old-time, dance and polka music is represented by five albums from the internationally acclaimed The Emeralds (of Bird Dance fame), polka icons Frankie Yankovic / Walter Ostanek, Brian Sklar’s Western Senators, and Gaby Haas’ catalogue, as well as jazz, big band and solo piano by Canadian great Tommy Banks (former Senator Tom Banks) and Showdown’s ever-popular Rodeo Song.

As a full-service label, Royalty combines its expertise with marketing, promotion, licensing, manufacturing, publishing, and music rights administration services, provided by a qualified group of music-minded people.


Diversus Media Group is an Edmonton based company with a global perspective. Canada’s changing demographics highlight the need for innovative approaches. Diversus Media Group works directly with companies, governments and organizations to attract multicultural communities to their product and services as well as to the international market. Services provided to Asian and Canadian companies and organizations include music licensing, concert promotions in China and Southeast Asia, marketing, event planning, consulting, video production and merchandises.

The Company also organizes and promotes Canadian artists to Asia and Asian performers to North America.