East Coast Country




From beautiful Atlantic Canada,
in the city of Fredericton, NB:

Tristan Horncastle

New single:

“A Little Bit of Alright”

ADDS Out-the-gate!!
KHJ/Fredericton, NB

Country 94.1 FM/Saint John, NB

“Tristan is the real deal. “A Little Bit of Alright” fits in with the sound of Country music in 2014. He is positive, fun, and sings it with a million watt smile. Tristan Horncastle deserves to be heard by audiences across Canada. We are adding “A Little Bit of Alright” out of the box. It just sounds right to start the year.” Scott Clements, PD, Country 94 Saint John


Message from Tristan:

“In 2013, I released my first national radio single “She Brings The Beer” independently. It peeked at #54, and am so thankful to Canadian Country Radio for having a listen, and spinning it.

In January 2014, I am very very excited to have Royalty Records release my new single, ” A Little Bit of Alright”. This song is written by Aaron Goodvin, and Darryl Burgess. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. This is what life is all about. It takes me back to my young days. My mom grew up on a big farm in a very small town, where everybody waves when they pass, and they all know each other. I have so many great memories of the time I spent there growing up in the summers. When I perform it live, or hear someone playing it on the CD, it takes me back, even to the smells. I’m positive Canada, and all my fans will love this song. Hope you enjoy!!”

Upcoming SHOWS (many more coming):

Thu, Feb 20/14 – CALGARY, AB – Ranchmans
Fri, Feb 21/14 – CALGARY, AB – Ranchmans
Fri, Feb 22/14 – CALGARY, AB – Ranchmans
Fri, Feb 28/14 – DRAYTON VALLEY, AB – Fluids Brewhouse & Grill
Sat, Mar 01/14 – DRAYTON VALLEY, AB – Fluids Brewhouse & Grill
Thu, Mar 06/14 – COLD LAKE, AB – Casino Dene
Fri, Mar 07/14 – COLD LAKE, AB – Casino Dene
Sat, Mar 08/14 – COLD LAKE, AB – Casino Dene
Fri, Mar 14/14 – GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB – Spurs Cookhouse & Dancehall
Sat, Mar 15/14 – GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB – Spurs Cookhouse & Dancehall
Fri, Mar 21/14 – ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE, AB – Boomers Pub
Sat, Mar 22/14 – ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE, AB – Boomers Pub
Thu, Apr 03/14 – COLD LAKE, AB – Casino Dene
Fri, Apr 04/14 – COLD LAKE, AB – Casino Dene
Sat, Apr 05/14 – COLD LAKE, AB – Casino Dene


Country music Singer/ Songwriter Tristan Horncastle, has always wanted to visit Nashville and record an album. His childhood aspirations and musical influences consisted of one day following in the footsteps of his idols Alan Jackson, Waylon Jennings, Brooks and Dunn. Today, Tristan is back from Nashville and with his debut CD album release “Good Kinda Crazy”, Tristan’s dream is now a reality on his professional country music journey.

Born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Tristan’s musical expedition started at the early age of six when he would sing solos at his local Church on Sundays and started to play guitar at the age of 11. Growing up in a small community Tristan’s life, personal experiences and strong family values would inevitably find themselves embedded in some of his songs. Tristan along with his band members Matt Mazerolle (lead guitar), Andrew Kenney (Bass) and Jeremy Hebert (drums) have performed with some of the biggest names in country music such as the Stampeders, Confederation Railroad, Dean Brody and most recently at Maritime Countryfest in Fredericton with Travis Tritt, George Canyon and Jimmy Rankin.Whether Tristan is in a local country pub performing or on stage playing with his band to thousands at an outdoor festival, Tristan’s love for entertaining and being able to connect with his audiences shows every time he takes the stage. “She brings the beer”, “Good Kinda Crazy” and “A Little Bit of Alright” are just a few of his songs from his debut album that continuously enthrall audiences after each performance.Thank you for listening and hope to obtain your support.