Wednesday April 23rd, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta



Royalty Records hand picked Blake Reid to add to the label’s roster of new artists to be released this year.

Blake was one of the first 6 artists chosen to participate in the CCMA discovery program in 2013, where he quickly earned his reputation as a quality songwriter, inspired by his deep country roots.

“Everyone at Royalty is excited to have Blake join our family. We’ve been following Blake since last year and saw him perform and the CCMA’s in Edmonton. Blake is deeply embedded in country music and the agricultural community, which clearly inspires his song writing and singing by telling real life stories.” – Rob Smith

Blake Reid comes from a five-generation farm family who staked their claim in 1902, broke the land and made a life in Alberta. Blake grew up with country music, with his mom singing along with all the radio legends that echoed in the old farmhouse and Dad would tune into the daily grain prices. Blake spent thousands of hours listening to the evolution of country music through the AM radios of tractors, trucks, and combines.

Blake’s music is about my life and home. He finds himself drawn to the intimacy of farm life, found down every gravel road outside the city limits. Whether the dirt field beside your road is red, brown, or sandy, Blake believes we all turn our ear toward something real and genuine.

“I’m super excited to be partnering with Royalty Records going forward in 2014 and to begin work on my next record. I’m not going to give out too much info yet, but I will say this record is setting up to be really cool and fresh. Joining the Royalty family and working with Nashville Producer/writer Phil O’Donnell is definitely a big step toward success for my career.” – Blake Reid

Blake Reid hits the studio next month to work with Phil O’Donnell in Nashville and will have new music coming later this year!

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