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Royalty Records and Raincoast Music Form Strategic Alliance for Film and Television Music Placement Services


Royalty Records and Raincoast Music Form Strategic Alliance for Film and Television Music Placement Services 

Edmonton, AB, April 2nd, 2015 – Royalty Records and Raincoast Music are pleased to announce a strategic alliance to offer music placement services for Royalty Records artists.

“Today’s artists need maximum awareness for their music, which makes licensing their music for film and television placement a priority. Raincoast Music has the right mix of expertise and results to handle licensing services for our artists,” says Rob Smith, President/CEO of Royalty Records. 

Under the new alliance, Raincoast Music will be acquiring music placement opportunities for film and television projects for artists on the Royalty Records roster. The decision to team up with Raincoast Music is the latest step forward for Royalty Records, following a new distribution agreement with Sony Music Canada, and the signing of Raincoast Music artists Robyn & Ryleigh.

“As an organization, we are committed to adapting and evolving with the influx of changes across the music industry. As part of that mandate, we are always on the lookout for like-minded companies that support our vision for artist growth and industry impact. This is just the latest example of that philosophy in action,” says Rob Smith. 

Raincoast Music, based in Vancouver, Canada, has a rich history of artist development, music production, and film and television placement. Besides working with musical artists like The Higgins, AJ Woodworth, The Matinee, and Jetty Road, Raincoast Music has an extensive history in music editing for film and television projects like Motive, Haven, Ice Pilots, The Outer Limits, Storm Hawks, and My Little Pony. This combination has given Raincoast Music the knowledge of what types of music that film and television placements require along with the key industry connections to make the licensing happen.

Raincoast Music co-founder Paul Shatto said, “The Royalty Records roster has a wealth of sound and talent that is ideal for film and television placement. Having this creative bank to draw from will allow Raincoast Music and Royalty Records to grow together with the common goal of getting Canada’s most promising musicians seen and heard on film and television.” 

For more information about Royalty Records and Raincoast Music, please visit them online at RoyaltyRecords.ca and RaincoastMusic.net.

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