Tenille’s Play It Forward School Tour Hits The Road For Last Leg!

Play It Forward hits the road again for the last leg of the School Tour.

1st round of dates now available here.


First stop for the Play It Forward Tour is off to the Territories thanks to Canadian North!!!

This is such a cool moment, knowing we are getting to take this message to all of Canada after hoping to reach that goal in the first place, but not being able to due to flight expenses. It isn’t everyday, that you find a company whole believes whole heartedly in something to step up and play it forward without hesitation.

Thank you Steve and Tina for bringing this concept to Canadian North and jumping in with passion and enthusiasm. We are honoured to be visiting your the communities you provide opportunities in and are so grateful for the experience of a lifetime.

Here we go!!! The first official day of the last Play it Forward tour leg!! – <3 Tenille



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