Produced by: Hey Romeo & Brad Crisler

Hey Romeo releases their new album I Got This on September 9th, which includes the first single “Won’t Be Over You”. Hey Romeo have delivered a record that, as lead vocalist Stacie Roper sings on the title track, will literally “turn your day around.”

Featuring good time, party tunes like “Hello Patio,” and introspective offerings such as “Won’t Be Over You,” I Got This is as refreshing as a cold drink on a blazing hot day. When it comes to spreading sunshine, Stacie Roper, keyboardist Rob Shapiro and guitarist Darren Gusnowsky put it themselves, I Got This.


1. Hello Patio
2. Two Hearts and a Radio
3. Do it in the Sun
4. Won’t Be Over You
5. No Sleep
6.  I Got This

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