Bruce Wallace

The Orchard Releases “Run Baby Run” To Country Radio!



Bruce Wallace
Rachel Proctor

Bart McKay


Fri, Feb 01/13 – STONY PLAIN – Early Stage Saloon
Sat, Feb 02/13 – CALGARY – House Concert
Wed, Feb 06/13 – WHITECOURT – House Concert
Thu, Feb 07/13 – LLOYDMINSTER – The Root
Fri, Feb 08/13 – WAINRIGHT – The Honeypot
Sat, Feb 09/13 – SEDGEWICK – Sedgewick Hotel
Fri, Mar 08/13 – EDMONTON – Purple Heart Lounge *Tim Hortons Brier*
Sat, Mar 09/13 – EDMONTON – Purple Heart Lounge *Tim Hortons Brier*
Sun, Mar 10/13 – EDMONTON – Purple Heart Lounge *Tim Hortons Brier*

“Run Baby Run, written by Bruce Wallace and Rachel Proctor, couldn’t have come at a better time! We were able to hear it in the process of selecting songs and it fit really well with the overall feel we wanted for this album. The song has the ability to instantly grab listeners and pull them in with a sound that felt a lot like “Fancy” by Reba (my favorite female country artist growing up). It’s an intense storyline with a very real circumstance, and shows the lengths a mother will go to for her child…”
– Kasha

“Run Baby Run! I love the gritt and raw energy of this song. Coming from a writer who really wants the most amount of originals on an album possible, I still knew from the first time that I listened to this track that it belonged on this album! Interested in hearing what people have to say about it!”
– Mitch