Southern Ground

The Orchard Releases Debut Album “Southern Ground”.

The Orchard made up of Kasha Anne and Mitch Smith are set to release their debut album

“Southern Ground” today, August 28th, 2012. The duo will host a CD release event tonight at 5:00pm at Permanent Records.

The band also releases their 3rd single today. “Gotta Let You Go” is officially at radio.

“I’ve gone through those relationships, where I know things have to come to an end. The thought stays with me throughout the day, another night behind closed doors doesn’t seem like such a terrible idea..I think it is common for people to go through things like that. Whether they are afraid of missing that person, or just aren’t sure what the right thing to do is. That’s what this song means to me…Honest and simple, with a touch of bluegrass” – Mitch

“We all have a person in our lives at some point who we love, but isn’t good for us. Gotta Let You Go is light and encouraging for anyone who needs the strength to make a change. Hopefully this beat can help kick the blues.” – Kasha


The Orchard is a hosting a “Win before you can buy” contest! Check out the band’s Facebook page for more details on how you can get a copy of “Southern Ground” for free before it comes to iTunes! https://www.facebook.com/TheOrchardMusic.

“Southern Ground” is a song that was inspired by The Orchard’s time spent in the Southern states in the spring of 2011. Showcasing their writing abilities, the duo, Kasha Anne and Mitch Smith, feel the song is representative of their own unique sound. This song gives a strong sense of the band’s musical influences with heavy guitars and strong rhythm, with intense lyrical ideas, and strong vocals. “Southern Ground” is the second single and title track from their upcoming album produced by CCMA Award winner Bart McKay, scheduled for release this summer

RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2012
ISRC: 77-788-01-11125